Dienstag, 5. Mai 2015

Too warm to do something

Hello Guys!

Today it was so warm, I had the feeling that I would melt when I am too long in the sun.
But I was walking a long time.
Today I saw the Colloseum, the foro romano and the palatino. It was so beautiful and the good thing was that it was free for me because I'm under 18 years. I also was inside of the Colloseum and it was very fantastic.
Today it was very strangely that so much persons ask me if I can take a photo from them and the other days when I am at a sight everyone ignore me. So because I am friendly and I like it to help people I take the photos but for me it feels a little bit strange and I don't know why.
The hill of palatino is also a great parc and very beautiful. I also was in the palatino museum and I think it wasn't very interesting the only think inside which was nice were the sculptures.
From the hill you can see the roofs from rome what is nice and also beautiful.
the foro romano was full of turists and the sun was shining on my head  so much that i could not be so long there but what I saw was beautiful and with a good fantasy it was not so difficult to imagine what there was standing a long time ago.

That was my fantastic day.

Ciao Lara

     The palatino museum
     the foro romano

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