Mittwoch, 29. April 2015

19 km

Hello Guys,

from now on my blog would be in english. Today was a wonderful day and I walk a long long way through Rome. I have seen a lot of things like the Pantheon and the Piazza di Spagna. Today I also want to tell you a little bit of the history of the sights I have seen.

At first I was going by the Metro to Piazza del Popolo. From there I was walking to the Galeria Nazionale D'Arte Moderna. Next to the Galleria was the Villa Borghese, that's a beautiful parc and is the second largest parc in Rome. In this parc is the Galleria Borghese and I wanted to go inside but I could only have an houre inside for today and I think that's not enough time. So I was walking through the parc and enjoyed the nature which was fantastic. After this I wanted to see the Piazza di Spagna with their staircase the Scalinata Di Trinità Dei Monti where it is forbidden to eat, drink, smoke pot and play guitar bot to flirt is allowed.
I have seen so many people which were drinking and eating on the stairs because no one is interested in what is allowed and what is forbidden.
My next stop was the Galleria Nazionale D'Arte Antica A Palazzo Barberini. It was so nice and in one of the rooms was a fountain with water, so beautiful. I was walking and walking to my next stop where so much people were. It was the Piazza Di Trevi. The great fountain was made very skillful. So one of my last and one of the most important sights was the Pantheon.
I was so happy to see it and then I was inside. 
It was so fantastic and it was very nice to stand under the hole, which is in the ceiling. The hole has a diameter of 9 meters that's very big. From the Pantheon I was going to the Piazza Navona where are a lot of artists. At this Piazza are two fountains and one obelisk. I think this Piazza is one of the most famous together with the Campo De'Fiori, where I was going next. This Campo is nearby my school. There is a market every day. There you can buy everything from Pasta to Bags. At my way home I was going past the Museo Nazionale Castel Sant Angelo and the St. Pietro. At the St. Pietro is a long, long queue every day, so I don't want to stand their the whole day.

That was the end of my trip today and because I was walking the whole time I think you can understand the title of this post.

Ciao Lara

      Piazza del Popolo

      Villa Borghese I find it looks like a heart

       fountain in Villa Borghese

       The Galleria Borghese

      Scalinata Di Trinità Dei Monti

       Galleria Nazionale D'Arte Antica A Palazzo Barberini

     Piazza Di Trevi


      The hole in the Pantheon

       Campo De' Fiori

      Piazza Navona

      Museo Nazionale Castel Sant Angelo

      St. Pietro

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